Sneaking Out Part Two

William- *With you here this close I’m able to see just how much you’ve grown up since Danika brought you to live with everyone. Leaning my head down closer to yours I feel your lips on my skin. Closing my eyes caught off guard, I inhale sharply the music forgotten for a moment as the scent on your skin hits my senses. It’s then that I open my eyes and start to straighten, my common sense yelling at me.*

Gillian-* Feeling you straighten and slightly move away. I feel a little sad at you moving from me. Seeing the people start to move towards the spot where the lanterns will be released* Liam *my voice shaking a little* I think we need to go get our spot for the lanterns *smiling softly and taking your hand*

William- *Looking up sharply watching the people and realizing the music stopped. Locking my fingers into yours before walking with the group before sliding away from them. Taking you to an area where there wouldn’t be too many people around us.* I don’t think that being crowded to watch this would be best for a first time viewing. You’re going to want to really enjoy this

Gillian-*Nodding as I understand about the crowd. Watching the sky as the people start to release the lanterns. At first there is only a few barely lighting the ground. But then there are hundreds and thousands suddenly lighting the sky like a million little stars floating from the sky. I gasp at the sight. I try to speak but only a whisper comes out* Liam, oh my gods its the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. *I stand wide eyed still holding your hand with the biggest smile on my face*

William- *I stand too where not only can I watch the lanterns but your reaction as well. It’s quite the view the smile on your face as the lanterns fill the sky it brings a smile to my lips.*

Gillian-*Completely amazed by the lanterns I turn to you* I know I have said this a million times today but thank you Liam. Your amazing *I smile and turn back to the lanterns before wrapping your arm round my shoulder and enjoying the safety I feel with you* Nothing could make this better.

William- Nothing huh? *squeezing my arm against you my smile widening. Looking down to your face knowing here soon we will be back in the Realm.*

Gillian-Nothing *Secretly thinking that a kiss would make it better but knowing that wont happen* So what do we do now? *Looking up at you seeing your face in the soft glow of the lantern light makes you look very young and innocent*

William- *Catches your stare and smiles again.* I bet not going back would be good huh? *Laughs but turns you to face me*

Gillian-*Smiling as you turn me to look at you* That would be amazing to stay here with you but I know we have to go back *I stare up at you*

William- You’re right we have to go back soon. I’m surprised Lucien hasn’t been sent to fetch us yet. *chuckles*

Gillian-*Laughing* They might not know we’re gone. I’m suppose to be studying and gods only know what you would be doing. *I wrap my arms around your neck*
William- Ah but eventually they always go to your room. *Slides my hands to your waist.* I’m glad you liked this.

Gillian- Ya they do, sometimes I feel like they’re like oh my gosh my gilly sense are tingling she might leave her room* I laugh* Did you have fun? *Standing on my tippy toes so I’m almost level with your eyes*

William-Yeah I did, I was needing a little time out of that annoying realm.

Gillian-Ya I think we both did *smiling* This has been the best day of my life. And you gave it to me. You are incredible. *Smile as I let go of you and walk away from you*

William- *Standing there I shake my head before motioning for you to come back over to me..*

Gillian-*I walk back over and stand in front if you*

William- *Reaching out I pull you closer.* Ready? *my voice a whisper*

Gillian-* My voice becoming sad* If you mean to go back , no I’m not ready. But I know we have to. *I wrap my arms around you knowing what’s coming we’re going back to the castle*

William- *Nodding my head confirming what you didn’t want to know.* Just a moment longer, watch as the lanterns disappear into the sky.

Gillian-*Smiling I turn and watch the lanterns drift farther and farther away until I can no longer see them. I watch and see a single lantern drift down in front of me. I grab it and turn back towards you holding the lantern up* Can I keep it Liam?

William - *Nodding my head while telling you yes.* I don’t see where it would be a problem.

Gillian- *Smiling as you agree to let me keep the lantern. I grab your hand *Ok lets go *I hold my breath as you flash us back into the castle. My head doesn’t spin as bad because I know what was going to happen. Looking around I notice we are outside your door*

William- Alright, *The word was the only warning I gave before flashing us back to the castle*

Torin- *Channel surfing a movement out of the corner of my eye has me turning, I see William and Gillian holding hands outside Willy’s bedroom, curious and nosey I watch*

Gillian- *Still holding your hand not wanting to let go I become almost sad I jokingly whisper.* Honey we’re home

William- *Laughs softly* Back to the real world and your report.

Torin- *Zooms in, I tilt my head trying to see the object in Gilly’s hand* Is that a lantern? *I stand up too curious too not know, I open my door and look around, seeing no one around I head towards William’s room*

Gillian- I already sent in my report. I’m done for right now *smiles as I start to play with my necklace*

William- *Tilts my head to the side before laughing hard.* I should have known!

Gillian- Hey it got us out of the castle, *smiles and laughs* Didn’t it and you had a good time.

William - Yes on both accounts, we both apparently needed this.

Gillian- Ya I think we did need this. I better get going before someone catches us. *Slowly looking up at you I lean forward and softly kiss your cheek as I whisper* Thank you this Liam. I will forever remember this. Today you were the prince that saved Rapunzel from her tower. *I turn and walk towards my room smiling and blushing the whole way*

William - *Nods before standing stock still as your lips touch my cheek.* You’re welcome Gilly, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Torin- *Waits in the shadows for Gilly to leave before stepping out, my mind digesting what I saw and heard* Have fun today prince charming? *I lean against the wall my arms crossed*

William - *Turning to look at you more shaking my head.* What matters is that she did. Besides she is back in one piece right? *Opening the door I step inside only breathing when the door shuts. Wondering what the fallout will be.*
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Sneaking Out Part One

Gillian- * Sitting in my room on my laptop finishing up a paper on the Pingxi Lantern Festival in Taiwan. Wishing I could see the lanterns in person. Finishing up the paper and submitting it to the teacher I close my laptop, stand up, and decide to go find Liam and tell him about the festival.* I’m sure Liam will think it’s cool. * Slipping on my shoes I start to walk down the hallway to his room. Stopping in front of the door and knock*

William- *Moving about in my room, these past few months of being stuck in the Realm really making me ready to climb the walls. Even if this place was kept up with everything making it better than the fortress. Grabbing a few things I plan to go down to the pool and take advantage of it and the sauna. Placing the towel around my neck just as I hear a knock on my door. Not caring at the moment I just yell towards the door.* It’s open!

Gillian-*Walking into your room I look around to see you standing there in your swim trunks with a towel around your neck I blush and turn away* Oh hey Liam sorry I didn’t know you weren’t completely dressed I just wanted to tell you about the festival I’m studying.

William- *Looking over at you when I hear your voice. Silently cursing before moving to grab the button up shirt off my chair.* A festival huh? *Turning to face you while wondering about why you came to me about it.* Go on, what about it?

Gillian- Oh well it’s this festival of lanterns. And I’ve heard it’s amazing. *I finally turn around to see you finishing to button up your shirt.* I just thought you would find it really cool. *Walking over and sitting down in one of the chairs* I was just thinking about how I wish I could go see them. Just for one day to get out of this castle. I feel almost like Rapunzel sometimes. Forever looking out the window at the world never really seeing it for myself. Ya know what I mean? *Looking down at my hands in my lap as I smoothed the skirt of my dress down*

William- It has been a while since I’ve gone to one to the festivals. It really is a sight to see. *Sighing at your comment of feeling like Rapunzel.* Have you even talked to Danika about it? Asked her and Reyes till take you?

Gillian- I’ve tried asking them and they say *mocking Reyes voice while shaking my finger in the air* Its far too dangerous to go see a festival of lanterns I can have Dani paint a scene of the festival so you can see it until its safe. *I sigh* Just once I want to be normal and go see and do things. *I begin to play with a piece of hair without even really thinking about it*

William- Sad thing is Reyes does have a point, Hunters would love to get their hands on anyone associated with your family here. But you said you’re studying it right? Didn’t you tell them that as well? *Shaking my head as if I already know the answer to what would have been said.* You should be able to go out and experience it all during your life Gilly.

Gillian- Tell them that *pointing to the door as I sigh loud* I just want one day. Thats all I want. *I look up at you* And yes I know that the hunters are out there. But you’re right I need to see things. I can’t be caged up and protected forever. Maybe one day my prince will come and save me from my tower. *I smile at my lame joke*

William- *Unable to help it I find myself smiling at your joke.* A prince is what you deserve Gilly don’t settle for anything else. You’d think with Reyes and another male they’d be calmer about it. *Rolling my eyes I think for a moment.* How important is this for your studies?

Gillian- Well it would help me to better understand the reasoning of why the culture does the festival *smiling and trying to sound smart and convincing* But I just really really REALLY wanna go *I laugh as you looks at me funny at how much I wanna go* Liam it would mean the world to me. But Reyes and Danika would never let me go * sighing and slumping down in the chair defeated as I know I will probably never see the festival.* Why?

William- *Groans knowing that either way here I’m screwed with what I’m thinking.* Go change into something more comfortable and come back here in about ten minutes ok? *Not telling her what I’ve got planned in case someone stops her along the way, thinking it better that way.*

Gillian - Ok? * I stand up and head back to my room. I put on a longer sun dress with wedge-heel shoes and throw hair into a side swept ponytail. Looking at myself in the mirror I think I hope I look ok for whatever Liam has planed. Finishing off with a little lip gloss and mascara I walk back out into the hallway and back to your room. As I knock this time I say* Liam its Gilly is it ok to come in?

William- *Once Gilly left I quickly changed into a pair of jeans leaving the shirt I grabbed earlier on. Knowing that any shoes would do. I finish slipping on a pair when I heards Gilly’s voice at my door.* Yeah its safe. *Nodding to myself as I see what you’re wearing, believing it would work.* Are you ready?

Gillian-* Walking into your room I look at what you have on now* You look nice and yep I’m ready to go. So why did I have to go change and what are we doing? *looking at you confused*

William- *Grinning wide I don’t answer your question. Instead I move closer to you, standing right before you my eyes searching your face.* Not a word to anyone about this alright?

Gillian- Ok? *getting a little concerned when you tell me not a word to anyone* Ummm Liam what are you pla… *Before I can finish what I’m saying everything kinda starts to fade away I grab onto you wrapping my arms tight around you and shutting my eyes as my breath is stolen from me*

William- *Upon your agreeing I reach out placing my hand onto your shoulder and before I can have any second thoughts I trace us away. To the festival you so badly wanted to go to.*

Gillian-*Keeping my eyes shut I all a sudden hear music and people all around me. Confused and keeping my face pressed to your chest I softly whisper* Liam is it safe to open my eyes?

William- *I had momentarily gotten distracted with the sights of the festival. Your words cause me to look down at you, bringing a hand up to your hair at your neck rubbing gently.* Yeah its safe, I think you’ll be pleased to.

Gillian- *As I open my eyes I look around and gasp at what I see were at the Pingxi Lantern Festival. I jump up and throw my arms around your neck.* Liam you brought me to the festival!!! Oh my god Liam!!! *I’m am in complete awe that you actually risked taking me out of the castle to do this for me. Kiss you on the cheek* Thank you thank you so much.
I can’t believe that we’re actually here. * Looking around at all the booths and decorations. Grabbing your hand before I really realize what I’m doing. I look up at you and smile.*

William- *I am momentarily distracted watching your reaction that I didn’t notice you grab my hand. I can only smile about how pleased you seem to be over this.* Well it seemed liked it was rather important and you did agree not to tell anyone at the castle. *My eyes begin to wander taking in the decorations. They really seem to go all out for the festival.* So what would you like to see first?

Gillian- I have no idea. *Barely about to contain my excitement* Why don’t we go walk through all the booths and see what all they have. *Holding your hand a little bit tighter as we begin to walk through the festival*

William- *Nods* Sure why don’t we walk, it looks like it has quite a bit if things. *Feeling your hands tighten on mine I choose to not pull away, I know my head would be on a platter if anything happened. So I walk beside you as we head towards the booths.* Very interesting Gilly, I should have had you bring a camera or something.

Gillian-* Thinking I wish I would have brought a camera too* Man I wish I would have thought of that. I would have loved to capture this forever. *Looking at you as I speak. I blush and turn away when I see you look at me* Oh look jewelry! *I pull out of your hand and run forward but not to far ahead of you. I look at all the different necklaces, rings, and bracelets* Liam look! *I start bouncing with excitement from it all.*

William- You’ll really be saying that when the lanterns light up the sky then. *Your excitement was surely contagious as I grin. The way you rush ahead to look at the booth has me moving to keep you within my sight. Not forgetting about the fact that there could be Hunters here but not wanting to ruin this moment for you. Standing behind you I look over your shoulder at the jewelry.* Not bad looking, what do you think Gilly?

Gillian-I love them it’s amazing how beautiful they are. *Running my hand over some of the pieces. I find a necklace that catches my eye the way the light reflects off the small jewel pendant.*what do you think Liam? * Turning around to look at you a small wind picks up and blows my hair into my face*

William- *Watching your hand running over each item reading them as the treasure you apparently see them as. Noticing how you settle over one in particular, nodding my head at your question.* Go ahead and try it on Gilly, *after the wind settles I reach out without thinking, and tuck the few loose strands of hair back behind your ear.*

Gillian-*Smiling and blushing as you tuck the hair behind my ear. I turn back around and take the necklace down and put it on. The pendant falls just under the hollow of my neck.* Wow, it’s amazing.

William- *Seeing the necklace against your skin, the light hitting it still I grin.* It suits you Gilly. I can see why it caught your attention.

Gillian-*Smiling at your compliment I try to hand the man the necklace back* Thank you. I wish I would have brought some money. The necklace was really pretty.

William- *The male reaches out but instead of taking the item back he closes his hands around yours.*

Gillian-*smiling and thanking the man before putting the necklace back on* That was really kind of him. *I say softly as i stare at you*

William- He seems to agree that the necklace looks good on you. *Smiling at the vendor and bowing my head in thanks before we move along.* We still have plenty of time before we need to find a good spot. So why don’t we keep walking?

Gillian-*Nodding I take your hand again and begin to walk with you as I look around* See anything you wanna look at? Maybe some weapons or something *I begin to laugh at my suggestion* So what do you want to do this trip is for both of us. *Smiles as I pull myself closer to you as we walk down through the festival*

William- I don’t need any weapons Gilly. *Keeping a hold of your hand as we walk.* This is supposed to be for your studies, but look for a game I’m sure there are some here.

Gillian-*laughing* I’m learning a lot thank you very much. *Looking around I spot a booth with a game that you have to make the ring around the bottle top* what about that one *pointing to the game*

William- *Eyes the game* I don’t see why not. *Taking the lead I walk while keeping you close to my side not letting anyone get between us.*

Gillian-*Excited that we get to play a game but laughing as you scare off anyone that tries to get between us* ok Liam lets play. *Laughing as we start to throw the rings all of mine missing their mark* Liam your turn and I would watch the girl over there. I think she likes you. *Not doing a very good job of hiding my slight jealousy at the girl drooling over you*

William- *Glancing over in the direction you indicated, seeing the female. Giving a polite smile before returning my attention back to the game.* I think I’ll stick to my present company. *laughing at the obvious sounds of jealousy in your voice.* Besides my whole point of being here was for you Gilly.

Gillian-*Smiling as you say your reason for being here is me* Thank you Liam *watching as you make one of the rings onto the bottle* Wow good job Liam *bouncing as I clap*

William- *Shakes my head not realizing I hit one of the bottles. Glancing up as you bounce around.* Well hell I was not even trying. *looks up at the prizes not seeing anything that was too interesting.* Gilly you pick something out. *Glancing over my shoulder seeing everyone heading in the same direction a sign that the sun was working on setting and the lanterns would soon be up in the sky. Which meant the night would soon come to an end and Gilly and I would be returning back to the castle, something I think neither one of us was really looking forward to.* Ok it looks like we have time for one more thing before we have to make our way to a good spot to watch the sky.

Gillian-*Looking at all the prizes and picking out a small teddy bear* ok what do you want to do *hearing the music and seeing people dancing* How about we dance and then we can grab a good spot to watch the lanterns? *I smiled down at the teddy bear that means so much to me since you won it for me*

William- *Listening to the music I nod and again reach for your hand. Taking ahold moving to the source of the music not stopping till we were right by the band. Twirling you around before wrapping my arms around your frame.* One dance perhaps wouldn’t hurt. *My voice is soft the words whispered.*

Gillian-*laughing as you pull me onto the dance floor right by the band. My smile gets bigger as you spin me around. As you wrap your arms around me and whisper in my ear I close my eyes and feel of your whisper brush my ear. I feel your warmth all around me* no one dance won’t hurt* my voice no more than a whisper*

William- *Keeping you close to me as we move about the floor acting as if no one else is there. Turning you to where you are facing away from me as the beat slows down.* I do hope you are enjoying yourself Gilly. *I lean my head down back next to your ear knowing its easier to talk with the music this way. Making sure I have a logical reason for every illogical thing I’m doing.*

Gillian-* Leaning my head back onto the crook of your neck as we move around the dance floor. I listen to you whisper into my ear. I turn my head and whisper into your ear* I am having the most amazing time. Especially with you, Thank you Liam *I kiss you on the cheek before I start to loose myself again in the feel of you and the sound of the music*


Rocka My Baby (Gwen)

*I had offered Maddox and Ashlyn to babysit the beautiful little twins so they could have their night away and just be with each other. They needed it, we all did but with two little ones it was harder for them to get that alone time. Besides who wouldn’t want to snuggle, cuddle and sniff baby for 24 hours. For a day I could pretend they were mine, smiling to myself and flapping my wings as I walked through the castle towards the twins room.

As I approached their room I could hear them gurgle in baby talk and as the door to their room came into view I could see Maddox playing peekaboo with Ever and Ashlyn and Urban watching and laughing too. This was one of those rare times when you could see the soft, mellow and all loving Maddox. His children was his world and kept him “grounded”. I knocked softly on the door frame and everyone turned and looked at me with great smiles.*

- Gwen….Auntie Gwen is here, Ashlyn said to Urban who raised his chubby little arms in my direction blowing spit bubbles. I laughed as I approached him and lifted him out of Ashlyns arms and snuggled his cheek.
-You missed me handsome? *and what I got in response was gaaadaaa.*
- Really daddy got that angry with William well he most likely did something to deserve it. He does have a temper you father but never towards you love. *smiling and winking at Maddox*.

Before they left Maddox and Ashlyn like loving and devoted parents always do gave me a few instructions and kissed their babies several times before they actually could manage to walk out the door. I promised to call them if either of the babies even sneezed and promised to never let them out of my sight and to love and snuggle them loads.

As we were left alone I put out a big, soft blanket on the floor and many fun toys and put both kids with me there and we played with the puppet dolls, what does the animal say and tasting all the good toys was the best part of this play date. Sitting their with Urban and Ever made me think of Sabin and having our own babies. I really wanted a baby on my own….Sabin’s and my baby. But I was not sure how well that would work, me being who I was I had better control of my harpy now but what if something happen while I was pregnant and she burst out of me what would happen then. Would the baby survive such a transition? I didn’t know. I let out a heavy sigh and I laughed as Urban try to do the same and lifted him up in my lap and sniffed his head. The smell was intoxicating and I wish I could bottle it up.

Thinking again about my own baby and Sabin, I didn’t even really know if Sabin actually wanted children of his own. A lot had changed since we met and married, we didn’t even live in that of a child friendly place. Letting the thought go and lifting up one child on each arm I took both babies with me to my and Sabin’s room to nap on our bed. Play Dates were tiring. #RockaMyBaby #LordsOfBudapest

Motherly Advice (Gilly and Danika)

GILLIAN - * Walking through the castle towards Dani and Reyes room. I am in need of some advice. I don’t know what to do about Liam. I like him so much but I don’t know how to tell him or even if he feels the same? Maybe Dani can help me and give me some motherly advice. I turn into the studio and see Dani* Hey Dani!!

DANIKA - *Looking up from the painting I am finishing to see Gillian walking into my paint studio* Hey Girl what can I do for you today? How are your studies going? Do you need anything? *Rubbing my hands on a cloth as I turn fully to face you* So what can I do for my little sister. *Smiles as you sit down near me*

GILLIAN - The studies are great… but I need some advice…. some advice about…boys. See I like this guy.. I mean I like him a lot and I don’t know how to tell him or even if he feels the same…..

DANIKA - *Groaning as I know you are talking about William, and I so don’t think you are old enough for him, or more to the point I know he is too old for you. Looking at you and seeing a young woman not a little girl and I can’t hurt you by saying the wrong thing, I need to help you as best as I can* Ok so you like someone. Do I get to know which someone it is! *Shakes my head* Actually I don’t need to know. But and I mean this you are to come to me anytime ok! *Taking your hand in mine* OK so you like someone. First we need to see if you need to tell him?

GILLIAN - *Placing my hands in yours as I look at you* Well how do I know if I need to tell him or not. I mean ya he really is cute and I love spending time with him… but how do I know if I should tell him how I feel? *Shaking my head I feel so confused* I mean I’ve never liked any guy this much. *Releasing your hands I drop my head and sigh* Why is this so complicated?!?!

DANIKA - *Smiling as I see all the emotions that are playing across your face, watching you closely* Ok lets look at Reyes and Me. I liked him but didn’t know how to let him know or even if he liked me. So I know a little bit of what you’re going through. But I think there is a way to find out without saying anything just yet. *Smiles as you look up at me*

GILLIAN - *Cocking my head to one side staring at you* How do I do that? That makes no sense. *Shaking my head* I just don’t want to make a fool out of myself if he doesn’t feel the same way. *The tears start to well up in my eyes and I take in a breath* This is all so confusing

DANIKA - *Wiping away a tear from your cheek* Gilly its not as hard as you think. First! You need to find out if you too have any common interests. Like books or movies or even down to Xbox games. Second you just need to spend some time with him. Drop some hints like … *Taps my chin as I think* Well for you it could be something like letting him know you need help with your studies and if he offers to help you know he wants to spend time with you! *Smiles as I push your hair back behind your ears*

GILLIAN - *Thinking of all the things me and Liam like to do together* Well we do have the same taste in movies and Xbox games so there’s one *Smiling I start to bounce* And he’s always asking if I need help with my work *Tilting my head to one side* But when we had our *I use air quotes* “Movie date night” he kinda acted like he liked me *Squealing and practically bouncing off the walls* Oh my gosh do you think that means he likes me?

DANIKA - *Laughing as I see you all happy* Well it looks that way but Gilly you need to go slow. *Knowing it’s William we are talking about and that although I can see that he likes you I don’t think he knows that he likes you. Then there is the fact that he is just too old for you at the moment* Now that you know there is hope you need to sit back and let it just happen. If you push a man to far he will run in the opposite direction! *Laughs as I remember how Reyes fought at first against us being together*

GILLIAN -So I should just wait it out and just slowly hint that I want to spend a little more time with him? I can do that? Ok but how do I get others to let it happen? I mean its almost like people are trying to get me to stay away from this guy. *Thinking of Liam* I mean he’s so dreamy kinda a dark angel kinda thing *Giggles and sighs* But another thing how do I get him to see me as a young woman and not a little kid. I’m practically a grown up!!! *I stomp my foot to make my point*

DANIKA - *Laughs as I watch you stomp your foot* Well if we are talking about all the Lords here in the castle you are never going to get them to see you as grown up. There all hundreds of years old. *Shakes my head* Hell it was one of Reyes excuses why WE shouldn’t be together. I think the best you can do is just show everyone that you have grown up. *Winks* And that means no stamping of feet!

GILLIAN - *Laughing and sticking my tongue out at you* I believe I can act more grown up. Maybe Mr. Dream guy of mine will start to see it too. You really think this will work? In your opinion do you really think I have a chance with…..*Slowly looking at you* Liam? I mean I feel so safe and happy with him. Hes the first guy since I ran away that I really trust and feel really close to. Like as more than a friend. Other than the Lords he’s the only guy that makes me feel special. *Slowly smiling at the memories of him and I*

DANIKA - *Standing up and putting my painting brushes in water to be cleaned* OK how about we start small. Why don’t you cook William a meal. Just to say thank you to him for all his help he gave you with your school work? *Walking towards the door pulling you up from the stool and walking out* Now what do you think he would like? Or we could just stick with a basic lasagna? And you don’t have to say it is just for him. You could make it for all the castle. That way you aren’t just cooking for him.

GILLIAN - *Smiling as you pull me up off the stool* I really like that idea. Maybe then things will start to look better and maybe just maybe things will start to move forward and I won’t feel so confused and helpless anymore. * Hugging you really tight feeling you wrap your arms around me I sink into you* Thank you Dani you’re the closest thing to a mom figure I have and you’re the best.

DANIKA - *Smiling as you hug me and holding you tight* Gillian I’m so happy you think of me like that, I don’t want to take your mother’s place but you are my family and I want you to know that I will always be here for you. *Pulling you down the stairs* Now lets get to cooking… #MotherlyAdvice #LordsOfBudapest

New Years Resolutions (Bee)

*Lying on my stomach in the cloud looking through the floor to the world below. It still amazes me to this day the way the cloud works. Walls solid, floor solid yet see through. Remembering the night Lysander kidnapped me and first took me here. How I wanted to get away. Howls with laughter as I trace the movements of plane below me through the sky. I tried everything, from running at the walls to trying you claw my way through the floor. Then again by the time Lysander came back to check on me I was lying on a bed half starved. IN BED! Turning over onto my back trapping my gossamer wings beneath me as I look up at the night sky above the cloud. Yes I remember that day well… My Angel walks in to find food all over the cloud that I couldn’t eat… Drinks I couldn’t drink… Why because whatever I asked for the cloud gave me! It wasn’t stolen and I hadn’t earned it so I couldn’t eat or drink it. I thought this was how Lysander was going to kill me. He had said that HE wasn’t going to kill me unless I broke an unforgivable rule. So I thought that maybe he meant to starve me… even though I heard the ring of truth in his voice. But what did I know! Hell he was an Angel and the only Angel I had meet up until then was Galen! Gwen’s father, ok we found out with the help of the Lords that he is really only a Demon possessed immortal as well. Stretching up my arms so my hands look like they are touching the stars, singing badly* Star light, Star Bright, first Star I touch tonight… Bring me my Angel for my Delight! *Sighs as I think of how Lysander had to save me. Just thankful that he knew how! That was the first time I got to taste Lysander’s blood as it was the only way he could save me, and holy hell what a taste! My Angel’s blood is like heaven on earth! Runs my hands over my stomach as I lick my lips just thinking about it. OK so we only need blood as medicine but that doesn’t stop me wanting to drink from Lysander! Hell My Angel is Hot…. and his blood is hotter! Using my fingers to count off the stars* 10…15…. 37… *Growls as I realise there is just too many to count. Just like the fact that Lysander is so old even compared to me. Giggles* I’m sleeping with an Old man! *Picks up my phone and texts my sisters, Gwen and Taliyah and my twin Kaia - Don’t forget to make New Years Resolutions - Flips back over onto my stomach as I look back down through the cloud floor to the world below* My New Years Resolution will be to get injured every week so Lysander has to feed my his blood over and over week after week…  And I’m going to make My Angel taking me flying every week! *Counts of on my fingers* And I want to steal all the Angels robes so they have to go naked!… And my last New Years Resolution is to get My Angel to let me play with his fiery sword…. *Giggles* Cloudy play ABBA’s Mamma Mia I feel the need for sound…. *Sings badly as I place the side of my  face on the cloud floor daydreaming about Lysander* I’ve been cheated by you since I don’t know when, *Laughs* as if my Angel would never!… *Sings* So I made up my mind, it must come to an end, Look at me now, will I ever learn? *Whimpers* No never going to end… *Sings badly again* I don’t know how but I suddenly lose control, There’s a fire within my soul, Just one look and I can hear a bell ring, One more look and I forget everything, o-o-o-oh *Jumps up and starts dancing around for the chorus as I yell my own words* Angel Baby, here I go again. My my, how can I resist you? Angel Baby, does it show again? My my, just how much I’ve missed you. Yes, I’ve been brokenhearted. Blue since the day we parted. Why, why did I ever let you go? Angel Baby, now I really know, My my, I could never let you go. *Flops back down onto my ass* Yes my New Years Resolution is simple… Get Lysander to feed me his blood… and maybe… *Places my hands over my heart* just maybe… I can show him just how much I love him! *Grins*  Yes just really one New Years Resolution.. Get Lysander’s Blood…  #NewYearsResolutions #LordsOfBudapest

Wrapping Madness (Bianka)

*Flapping my wings as Lysander flys off, running into my walk in wardrobe and pulling out my gifts. I knew I only had a few hours to get them raped and then off to the Castle so humming the jiggle bells I Gid and Scar and there matching guns with a spider engraved into them. Next its Anya and Lucien jar of lollipops and a joke book.

Giggles as I wrap up a “Dancing for Dummies” book for Olivia and Aeron and then body paint for Danika and Reyes, I just don’t want to know how the will use it…  Gummy bears for William and a blow up man doll for Torin. Laughs hard when I think of the look that will be on Torin’s face!

Folds up the His and her’s onesies I got for Sienna and Paris and wrapping them. So can’t wait to see them in them. Giggles at the sex book I got for my Twin and Strider knowing that he will be happy if Kaia challenges him to do it all! Shaking the matching collars with bells on them I got for Haidee and Amun as they are always talking to each other in their minds at least this way I will know when they’re coming!

Bounces as I pull all the pink stuff I got! Wrapping like mad as I don’t want to keep it all for myself, the butterfly blade for Cameo, the handcuffs for Viola, the stun gun for GBean and tiara for Legion.
Laughs hard as I wrap up Gwen and Sabin’s matching Spongebob PJ’s, knowing that Sabin
loves the sponge…. Wrapping up the Twins clothes with Maddox and Ashlyn’s ear muffs. Now that is the perfect gift for parents! Looking over at the chairs knowing I will just have to stick bows on them. Sighing hard as I look and My Angels gift, and praying to his Deity that he lets my bit it off him! As I finish up my thoughts are sad as I know that we still are missing Kane, and I know that all the Lords will be thinking about him come Christmas until they see the MALE blow up doll I got Torin*

#WrappingMadness  #LordsOfBudapest

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