BEE- I don’t understand? Why do I have to stay away from Budapest! Lysander talk to me

LYSANDER– Bee the Hunters are too strong and I want you safe! You know I only speak the truth!

BEE- *groans as I hear the truth is Lysander’s voice* But Angel I’m going to fight! You know I will I have to! My twin and baby sister are with Lords and I will not see them fight alone!

LYSANDER- Bee the Deity has spoken my hands are tired.

BEE- Lysander stop…

LYSANDER- We must respect free will and people can chose which way to go but I will not have you hurt.

BEE- *putting my hand on your lips* Lysander stop… But if you have to respect free will then I want to fight! *smiles at Lysander* See now what do you say to that! I have made my choice *looks at you as you close and open your fists, leans in* Lysander I have been fighting alongside my sisters for years centuries even… I love you but would you love me if I left my family without back up? I am what I am.. A #Harpy if you love me you have to love all of me! *sighs as you pull me into your arms* Lysander I have never willingly put myself in danger and I won’t start now.. *kissing you softly* I have too much to lose…*feeling you tighten your hold on me*

LYSANDER- My Little Harpy I….

BEE- *snuggles into you* You what?

LYSANDER- My Little Harpy if I had my way I would never let you leave the cloud.

BEE- *mutters* You tried that remember & Lysander It didn’t work!


BEE- *slaps you lightly on your chest* OK Lysander tell me about how we are going to solve this? *rubs my hands along your chest* Humm so strong

LYSANDER- Bee I can only tell you that I never want to lose you!

BEE- *kissing you softly* Lysander I’m not going anywhere! *opening your angel robe* Yummm Angel I don’t really want to go to Budapest tonight? *jumps into Lysander’s arms* So do you think you could entertain me? *petting your wings* *giggles as you flash us to our bed* Now this I like Lysander now if only we had some #Cream *smiles as it appears* #LordsOfBudapest



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